Most popular boy band in Asia ranked as top 10

There are many band in the music industry nowadays. They sprang and are formed in every part of the world in different continents. They sing or perform in their native languages and sometimes sing English songs. Bands have a long list and history as many were formed and also many broke up. For others they want to become solo artists and for other reasons they just split and find other things to do. Most of the time still related to the music industry. There are all male group, all female group and mixed gender group performers.

Some artists are known only in their country or certain regions but with the help of the online media now we can know foreign artists and listen to them. This time let us see the top ten boy bands that are most popular in asia. The list includes SMASH group from Indonesia, they are the first in the rank. After them is the Super Junior boy band that came from Korea. The third and fourth in the rank boy band both came from Japan. They are Arashi and Kat-Tun band. Getting the next rank are Big Bang, Shinee and TVXQ. Followed by Hey! Say! Jump! And News from Japan then 2PM from Korea.

Though there are ten spots but they were just filled by boy band from Korea and Japan. Both countries produced many boy band artists that has various personalities and characters. They are diversified and so no wonder they can fill the places. You can go to website of each band also.