Why new music feels amazing

The first time you hear the new song. It is like so amazing so you either love it or you hate it.  Because of you brain (it knows man) . Your brain  is sort of like a giant pandora engine when you hear music and you know right away whether you like it or not but why do we like some songs and hate some.

But when it comes to your brain reacts to novel music songs you’ve never heard before that’s when things get a little cray. A small group of people were played classical piece of music that have never heard before without lyrics. Mind you because I didn’t want the brain processes language only as harmony while the music is played researchers scanned their brain. In the left hemisphere of the brain there are two areas that are integral for speech and language interpretation but because there was no speech or language in this music the right hemisphere of the brain was a light with all the processing.

It turns out that the right hemisphere of the brain processes the music just like the other side of the brain processes language and words but  that’s not all. Another study used brain scan and music to find the sort of musical  preference engine. This study put people into functional MRI to track there brain real time and when they played their favorite song the tunes that you know give you goosebumps. They found that when you hear that songs it gives you a blood of dopamine (Nerve for activeness )