Inside the band

The band was firstly actively in the scene of music and rock and roll in the year 1994. The band was formed and started in Steinbach,Manitoba, Canada. The music genre of the band is Punk rock and pop Punk. Sometimes they are also categorized as Melodic hardcore and skate punk. In 2001 after having albums and music heard world wide the band became inactive in the scene of rock and roll.

They were starting as 3 year small shows. After their humbling beginnings just as other bands. They find themselves recording their first major album and the title is self titled. The Tooth and Nail Records were behind their eighteen tracks (18) . The 18 soundtracks were mostly punk rock music.

By the way the magnificent group was composed of 4 members. On vocals was the frentic Matt Fast,  on lead guitar The pope, John Paul Peters, and on the low sound but great bass Dan Thomas and the one who gives the rythmn and beats Steve Dueck. There brand of music is not the same with the typical punk rock due to Matt’s unique vocals.

They might not be popular enough but their music is quality and their front cover is awesome – A comical appearance that attracts all kinds of people.

If you are into pop rock with a unique blend of music. The Undecided band is just the band for you!